Finnish DJ & Producer.

Born in 1988.

Lives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Loves all things audio-related and making people reconnect their feelings and memories through music.


Potemkin B is a Finnish DJ and a producer that has been spinning the decks for more than a decade. Having experienced the DJ-booth inside a club as a video jockey in 2007, he got a taste of what electrifying effect dance music has on people. Since then, making people smile and have great experiences through music has been his passion.

In 2008, he bought his first mixer and vinyl decks and started DJ: ing in local parties and events. During the next ten years, Potemkin B has been seen in various clubs and venues in Finland utilizing a varied knowledge of genres and techniques to keep people dancing and having a great time!

He is best known for his personal and energetic house sets. In addition, Potemkin B has also delighted the party-goers by mixing drum&bass, dance hits, trance, hip-hop, and rap during his live shows!

You can see his latest activity on the following platforms:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqVd3Wt8oB49rOfGLr_aZg

If you are interested in booking or have questions, please head to the contact page.